30 abril 2018

DSI Underground Australia announces intention to acquire Fero Group

Newcastle, Australia - DSI Underground Australia and Fero Group Pty Ltd (Fero) have signed an agreement under which DSI Underground Australia will acquire 100 per cent of privately owned Fero.

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01 marzo 2018


DSI Underground se complace en anunciar que hemos adquirido en un 100% los activos de la empresa MINING WORLD en Argentina.

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08 diciembre 2017

DSI Underground agreed to acquire 100% of share capital of Heintzmann Australia Pty Ltd

On the 8th of December 2017, DSI signed an Agreement to acquire 100% of the share capital of Heintzmann Australia.

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22 julio 2016

Adquisición planificada de Jennmar Australia por DSI

En febrero 2016, DSI comunicó que había firmado contratos para adquirir los negocios de Jennmar fuera de los Estados Unidos y para vender su división estadounidense de Minería a Jennmar. Las adquisiciones en Latinoamérica, Europa y China (50%) así como la venta del negocio de Minería estadounidense se cerraron en el primer trimestre del año.

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02 julio 2016

DSI Underground signs an exclusive distribution agreement with NMP of Sweden for dynamic inflatable rock bolts

July 2016, DSI Underground signed an agreement to manufacture and sell patented Dynamic OMEGA-BOLT® with Northern Mining Products (NMP) of Luleå, Sweden. In their quest for higher grade ore, underground mines around the world are going deeper and deeper, where rock mass is often highly stressed by the weight of overlaying strata and by tectonic forces. During the process of developing large excavations, dangerous phenomena such as micro-seismicity and rock-bursts may occur, with violent explosion-like ejection of rock fragments. In order to mitigate the risks of such events, dynamic rock support systems have been developed, and among them, NMP has patented a highly innovative dynamic rock bolt.

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